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I'm supposed to be doing homework, but you know, that's boring and I keep getting distracted by our beautiful 21st technology (thank the lawrd). So yeah, answers to :iconisnivliesnicbele: questions! (Btw anyone who reads this, if there is anyone, please check out her stuff 'cause it's ah-mazing, just sayin')

1.) What's the last thing you watched/ heard on Youtube?
  - How to cook crab. Those poor things..

2.) Favorite music genre?'
  - Any, basically. I love so many.

3.) If you were stuck in any book, tv show/movie, video game, what would it be and why?
   - Kingdom Hearts, 'cause I've loved the game since like forever

4.) If there was a zombie apocalypse, what would be your preferred weapon and why?
   - Wand. You can achieve so much through that pretty stick

5.) If the world were to end, who would be the first person you go to?
   - Whoever is nearest proximity, I guess. I'd want to see everyone I care about though :/

6.) Favorite time of day?
   - All the times of the day! Because they all provide wonderful beauties at each time!

7.) Someone you love
   - The girl who provided these questions (gruh u noe who u r, u noe i leervv ya ^^)

8.) What is something on your bucket list?
   - See the aurora borealis one day

9.) Favorite artist?
   - Sooo many I have, but one of them is Joe Hisaishi

10.) What do you think you work best with (pencil & paper, tablet, Muro)?
   - Um, pencil and paper? The other two are kinda hard for me

11.) Favorite smell?
   - I have many, but one of them is the smell of fresh lemon (not soapy lemon, fruit lemon)

12.) Do you keep secrets?
    - Yes, I really do actually
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Hey there! :iconkawaiipandaplz:

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